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“Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship boosts your immune system, opens your heart, and keeps you vital and creative.”
– Terry Real

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Access your Inner Knowing to create healthy and fulfilling relationships

Are you a woman who is confident and accomplished in your

professional life and community but find that you doubt yourself,

and experience the same problems over and over in your intimate relationships?

I’ve been there too.  I actually thought something was wrong with me.  I have traveled all over the world by myself navigating other languages and cultures.  I own my own successful business.  I have spent more time and money on self development work than anyone I know.  In my romantic relationships, though, I diminished myself, and crumbled into a heap of self doubt.. 

Until I made TRUSTING MYSELF my life purpose.  I learned that trusting myself is a prerequisite to a fulfilling intimate relationship.  I learned that my INNER KNOWING is indeed the compass I should follow.


About Arjan

There is so much aliveness in our longing for genuine connection.  Bonding with another and staying grounded within ourselves is a skill that has not been valued or taught in our culture.  This lack causes so much confusion, loneliness, and codependency, and isolation in relationships.


I used to think that my Soulmate and I would journey through the healing process together.  There would be so much love we would heal our wounds.  Well, many romantic relationships, a divorce, and a death of a partner later, I see that the soul’s journey is indeed through the path of relationship, but EVERY relationship is an opportunity to connect the soul and heal.  I still long for a life partner but I also appreciate that all my relationships were successful because of the self awareness that took place.


Life & Relationship Coaching




What Clients Say

Arjan is dedicated to her practice in both her professional and personal realms. She is a natural truth seeker and grounded support for anything that needs to rise to the surface in the name of healing, evolving and actualizing one’s highest potential. Her years of training and clinical experience combined with her heart-felt desire to help make her an incredible life coach! I would recommend her work to anyone looking to tap into their essential self and to discover how doing so brings more joy, ease and success to their experience in this life.

Janna E., Ithaca, NY


607-279-7362    |

114 West Buffalo Street, Ithaca, NY 14850

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