Life Coaching

Transformational Life coaching is a collaboration in which a client and coach partner in a thought provoking and creative process in order to inspire a life lived in full potential. The process is the creation of fulfillment, of meaning,embodiment and enJOYment.  I think of it as the energy work of ideas, where curiosity, intuition, and love invoke transformation.

Our transitions and perceived challenges in life can be transformative experiences by working with a coach who is trained to ask powerful questions about your experience. I see it as an honor to be that person and am committed to a  powerful approach, with heart, humor, and respect for my clients’ wholeness. Think of me as your dedicated champion, holder of your magnificence, challenger of your perceptions, and partner in creation of your dreams!, 


1-1 sessions are an intimate space of active listening, powerful introspection, intuitive guidance, accountability, curiosity and expansion.

Life Coaching Offerings

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A note on financial commitment:  I truly believe that as each individual lives a more meaningful and connected life and allows their strengths to shine, the whole world benefits.  This work allows people to shine.  Please reach out if you have a financial hardship.  I may be able to provide a discounted rate.