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Access your INNER KNOWING to
create healthy and fulfilling relationships

Are you a woman who is confident and accomplished in your professional life and in your community but find that you doubt yourself and experience the same problems over and over in your intimate relationships?

I’ve been there too.  I actually thought something was wrong with me.  I have traveled all over the world by myself navigating other languages and cultures.  I own my own successful business.  I have spent more time and money on self development work than anyone I know.  In my romantic relationships, though, I diminished myself, and crumbled into a heap of self doubt.. 

Until I made TRUSTING MYSELF my life purpose.  I learned that trusting myself is a prerequisite to a fulfilling intimate relationship.  I learned that my INNER KNOWING is indeed the compass I should follow.


Please join me for a 3 week guided Journey:

Access your INNER KNOWING to create healthy and fulfilling relationships

Let Go of:

Making yourself small in an intimate relationship
People Pleasing
Self Doubt
Veering from your own path to support your partner on theirs
Feeling confused about what is your responsibility and what is your partner’s
Inability to balance your needs and the needs of others
Cultural Conditioning

Gain the skills to:

Trust your inner guidance
Have a more intimate relationship with yourself
Develop self care routines that are personal and specific to your needs
Discover the change in you need to make to really enjoy intimate relationships

I am passionate about helping women have more fulfilling intimate relationships!
Work with me and discover a whole new experience with intimate relationships where you can honnor yourself AND the relationship.  Whether you want to take your current relationship to the next level OR you want to use your time being single to call in intimacy based on your deepest values, this women’s circle will support you.

Access your Inner knowing to create healthy fulfilling relationships

Join a community of women celebrating each other's authenticity and wholeness.


A 3 Week Guided Journey

Wednesdays August 14,21,28
Foundation of Light 
Turkey Hill Road Ithaca



Imagine being fiercely dedicated to yourself AND to building a fulfilling relationship!

Join the community

Registration fee for this course is $97



Thanks for registering!

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