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Relationship Alchemy: Your
Path To Full Self Expression

Group Coaching for Women

Would you like to feel more connected

to yourself AND a romantic partner?


Many times in a relationship it feels like we have to give up ourselves in order to feel connected to our partner or we feel like we have to sacrifice our bond with our partner in order to be able to trust ourselves.


Our culture really doesn’t teach us much about how to be in relationship and still honor our individuality.  Codependency is commonplace, as well as hyper independence.  There is a lot of confusion and struggle among couples and those wanting to be in a romantic relationship.  We get into a relationship and life goes out of balance.


When I was 19 years old I fell in love for the first time. He shared perspectives with me that made me challenge my own. I was really excited to learn and grow in new ways, yet I felt like somehow I was living his life and not mine. It became clear to me that I didn’t have enough self reflection under my belt to trust my answers to his questions.  I froze up in a heap of insecurity and self doubt.

“And I Don't know Who I am but Life is For Learning” 


I had heard Crosby Sills Nash and Young's version of this song many times, but it wasn't until I heard Joni Mitchell (the writer of the song), sing that lyric, I really GOT IT! There is a joy in self discovery! The song “Woodstock” really is a love song. A love song to romancing your own soul. The pleasure of falling in love with our own soul as a starting point for a fulfilling relationship with another.

This is why I have taken my love of learning, especially about romantic relationships, and created a coaching program for women like me. 


My coaching program shines a light on your most important relationship:

Your relationship with yourself.


• This course offers you the space and tools to strengthen

  your relationship with yourself.

• We will explore how to generate self love and use it as a way

  to attract your partner (or a potential partner!) and express

  your passion.

• We will gain clarity about your most cherished relationship values

  in order to trust yourself in communicating with your partner.


Join my 4 Week Group Relationship Coaching Journey!  

Thursdays 6:30-7:30

4 Weeks of Group Coaching via Zoom

(limited to 6 women)


PLUS 1 Private 30 Minute Coaching Session with Arjan!


Join Our Online Course

Registration fee for this course is $97



Thanks for registering!

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