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How to fall in love in the Spring

Imagine that exhilarating feeling of falling in love! The newness, the hope, the anticipation, the profound appreciation of your beloved, the smile in your heart, the satisfaction.

How do we create more of this feeling that is so fulfilling?

I wholeheartedly believe that the way to create more of something is to experience it! Seems like a paradox, but hear me out.... like attracts like. If you ding a tuning fork, other tuning forks with the same frequency will vibrate! We are humans who are also vibrating. Creating the vibrations of love will "resonate" with more love.

And you don't need a partner or new relationship to start to create it! You can fall in love with the season... experience the gentle hues of the flowering trees. Tune into the flow of energy coming up from the seeds in the soil. Feel the passion of the hot sun beating down from the sky with very few leaves on the trees to diffuse it. Imagine the mist and the rain lubricating your muscles and joints. Let the bright green of new sprouts penetrate your gaze like a lover does. Appreciate the beauty of the clouds streaked across the sky. Connect with the happiness that the warmer weather brings. Feel the hope in a flower bud. Let the spring be your beloved. See what that creates!

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