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My Solstice Wish

Well, I just spent a lot of money on Christmas lights! It's my favorite thing about the holidays- the human desire to shine in the darkness. I love the juxtaposition of sparkly lights in the long dark nights.

It's a tricky time of year. The dark, cold, yin state of nature draws our attention inward. It offers us time to reflect on our year and take stock of inner resources. We want more sleep, more stillness, more quiet. . And yet, we are asked to be jolly and social and extending outward with our energy.

There are things I love about the holidays. And at the same time, I know it's a really hard time of year for many. While our culture pushes family, consumerism, and all things merry and bright, there are so many who don't have loved ones, are missing loved ones, don't have the financial resources to support the narrative of magic and cheer. Those who are too exhausted to keep up with decorations and gatherings and gift exchanges.

My wish for this time of year is for us all to allow ourselves the gift the darkness has to offer. The space to do a little less and be a little more. To recognize it's not easy to keep doing and extending outward when the natural world is telling our souls to rest. To lean in to the feeling that what we have, and what we do is enough. To give ourselves a little extra space to connect with that inward pull. Maybe it's sipping our coffee in the morning with no other distractions... just the warm cup in our hands and the bittersweet smell and taste. Maybe it's lighting candles and setting an intention for the new year. Maybe it's politely declining and invite to a holiday party to instead put pajamas on early and watch a movie. Maybe it's taking a nap. Maybe it's taking a deep breath as we are about to purchase a gift and connecting with the love we have for the recipient. Maybe it's taking a few short cuts- like store bought cookies and not feeling the need to apologize for it. Whatever it is, it's trusting that it's a powerful act to embrace the dark empty space.

Look at the stars. They need the darkness, the emptiness around them to shine brilliantly ✨✨✨

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