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Solstice and Hope

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Solstice feels like a hopeful time of year to me. Maximum light. The spring blooms at their fullest. The anticipation of rest. The new growth of spring seeds planted.

At the same time we are at the zenith and that means less light going forward. How strange to hold both the Hope and the dying of the light! Alas, it is the way in our physical reality.

How do we remain hopeful when what we see around us is a lot of evidence stacked against Hope?

One way is to tune into the feeling of Hope. Where does that show up in your body? How does it affect your thoughts? What is the sensation in your heart? Is there a color? An image? The more we can vibrate this frequency by really being with it, the more we can experience it. Another way is to align with the energy of the season. If you are a gardener, you may now be realizing in an over zealous fury that you planted too many seeds. There can be a feeling of overwhelm as we look towards summer and see that we are overbooked! It’s so easy to fill in all the spaces but the truth is, some plants need to be culled so others get more water and light. What needs to be culled in order to feel in alignment with your heart’s desires? It is much easier to feel hopeful when we have the space to rest, care for ourselves and expand.

And what about darkness? We cannot speak of light without it. Ponder where you were on the equinox? Was was dark then that is now illuminated? What have you learned? What can you do to forward those lessons? How can you honor how far you have traveled? What is still evolving that you can bathe in the full light of this time?

We have such precious hearts. May the light shine into yours and expand into all you love. 💗

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