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What are you learning?

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Manifesting dreams is very courageous! It can be vulnerable to show how much you long for something. It can be vulnerable to go beyond your comfort zone in order to pursue a dream that is beyond your current horizons. It’s risky. So, if you are currently “going for it” in an effort to manifest your desires, Bravo!!!!

With my clients, I often use the metaphor, “play on a bigger field” when they talk about taking an aspect of their life to the next level. The energy is expansive. I encourage them to stretch their bodies to embody this feeling of growing bigger! There is so much resonance in identifying the areas of our lives we want to grow into. A big part of goal setting and manifesting is to actually FEEL the feelings of expansion and identify what it will feel like to be in the manifestation!

So, with all this juice it’s not surprising that setbacks can be incredibly disappointing. And not even just setbacks, but the natural course of time. You may be ready and doing everything right but the thing you want to see happen just isn’t happening yet. Frustration is a familiar feeling. It constrains that sense of expansion and life feels tight.

When clients are in this place, the most potent question I can ask is “What Are You Learning?” The question itself implies that the space between you and your goal is rich with resources and lessons. It puts you in a growth mindset- where setbacks are fuel for your manifestation. And maybe most importantly, it allows you to take stock of how much knowledge and experience you are gaining along the way.

I challenge you to ask yourself “What am I learning?” the next time you find yourself frustrated or upset! I want to see your light shining towards your growth! ✨

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