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You Are Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole!

There is a reason that out of many types of coaching, I chose the Coactive coaching model. It is because it is rooted in the belief that we, as humans are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. In fact, it‘s not just a coaching model, it’s a relationship model. It’s a way of seeing everyone, not just my clients. It brings out the best in people, and can change the world.

Going forth with this belief allows people to shine! ✨. As a very empathic person, it has helped me to stay with my own experience. It gives a clear definition of what I am responsible for and what the other person is responsible for. It eliminates the tendency to caretake- to want to “save”someone.… that empathic urge to “make it all better” because we can feel others’ pain. It lets the other know that I trust that s/he knows what is best for them. I share what I see as an observer, not an advisor. It keeps me curious. Over time, the impact is profound- a light is cast on a person’s strength, a spark is lit where there may be a weakness and it ignites an inner reserve of resources previously dormant.

In working with the Coactive model, I’ve been able to create so much inner peace AND inner grit! When I hired my coach, I was just a couple months into mourning the sudden death of my boyfriend. She had absolutely no doubt I could have a huge experience of grief- of completely falling apart- and yet still find the inner resources to complete a rigorous coaching certification and to get through the first year without my sweetheart. I was steadfastly pointed towards my wholeness. I was accompanied while I experimented with creative ways to lift the burden on my heart. My strengths were highlighted till they were so bright I couldn’t help but fully embody them!

What would you be capable of if others saw you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole? Can you think of specific situations where this would have had an impact? Is there a relationship you are struggling with? How might having this perspective about the other person change that relationship dynamic? What is possible when you believe this about yourself?

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