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“I’m tired of being resilient”

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

I have heard this over and over from clients, friends, family and even have seen it as an internet meme. I totally get it. The pandemic seems to have highlighted so many things about our culture that take extra effort to accomplish and to process emotionally. We celebrate those who work hard, who reach their goals, who break records, who win, who are strong, who are efficient and effective. Of course strength and resiliency are powerful qualities to embody, and like the seasons changing, it’s time to celebrate new energies. It’s time to rest.

I am calling forth a Renaissance in our culture. A celebration of slowing down. Deepening. Embracing the sunset within us… it’s autumnal hues and soft light. Vulnerability. Surrendering our tired beings to the rich spring dirt to be nourished and watered with our own tears. It’s the season to process what we’ve been through in collective isolation. To have long conversations that aren’t linear. To let the poetry of our hearts speak. To be honest and admit our limitations. What can emerge when we simply let go? What will the world celebrate when the strength in vulnerability is recognized? What can we accomplish when we give only what we have enough for? What will our children learn when they witness us tender and dreaming?

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