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Questions to ask yourself as we begin a New Year

Where did I succeed last year? What did that teach me?

Where did I fail last year? What did that teach me?

What do I want to bring forward from last year into the new year?

What feels possible and exciting in the new year?

Are my goals for the new year connected to what I truly value?

-Do they make my heart sing?

-Will they require me to stretch and grow?

-Will they be good for others?

What is important about my goals and desires?

-What will achieving these things give me?

-What will it give the world?

What qualities do I have to embody to bring my vision for the new year to life?

-Who do I want to be this year?

What do I have to say No to in order to in order to succeed this year?

Which relationships do I want to nurture?

Is there a word or a phrase that can keep me focused on my desires this year?

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