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What exactly is Life Coaching?

I get asked this question so frequently that it deserves its own post! Life coaching is a process by which I help people tune into their inner guidance and live a life in line with their own unique values and potential. A coach is a holder of your visions! It’s a thought provoking and creative process that allows people to shine! ✨

There seems to be a common misconception that Life Coaching is for people trying to reach a bold goal. While this certainly is a reason to hire a coach, it is a small part of what a coach can help with. Many coaches are process oriented.… creating a needed space with their clients to sort through complex emotions, open up different perspectives, get clear on what you are experiencing and make resonant choices- choices that align with what we truly desire.

The following is a list of topics frequently brought to coaching sessions:

⭐️ Transitioning to a new phase of life- graduation, parenthood, marriage, divorce, retirement

⭐️ Health- creating more supportive habits, curbing habits that don’t serve- overeating, over- scrolling, alcohol consumption, etc.

⭐️ Clarifying what’s most important when making a big decision

⭐️ Challenging relationships

⭐️ Losing a loved one

⭐️Feeling like you have more to offer the world. Feeling unfulfilled

⭐️ Support in attaining a goal, like starting a business, getting a dream job, having a child, finding a partner

⭐️ Dating support- how to be authentic and get really clear on what you want

⭐️ Parenting challenges

⭐️ Processing changes that have occurred internally and externally due to the pandemic

⭐️ General feelings of anxiety and overwhelm

⭐️ General feelings of depression

When looking at a challenge, coaches ask a lot of questions that point a client to learn about him/herself. Who are you being/becoming? How are you seeing the situation? Is there another way to look at it? What are you experiencing right now? A coaching session is space and time to examine the self and get movement in areas you are stuck.

A useful thing to know is that life coaching is a wonderful alternative to therapy for people who are basically well. It can address stress, anxiety, and depression that stems from feeling unfulfilled. While therapy helps a client understand where their behaviors and feelings stem from, by looking at the past, life coaching focuses on how problematic behaviors are affecting a client by being with and exploring their feelings in the present. There is some overlap in approach between therapy and coaching, however, coaches are trained to explore WHAT is limiting a client, rather than WHY these limiting behaviors are occurring. Therapy is more systemic in approach and helps a client recover from past traumas. Life coaching focuses on a client‘s strengths and unique resources.

Want to know yourself more? Express yourself more? Be yourself more? Coaching is for anyone who has a longing. Coaching is for anyone who has a dream. Coaching is for anyone who has a heart ♥️

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