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How are your relationships?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I don't think its true that a good measure of mental health is the ability to be alone. Sure, there is something to be said for being comfortable in your own skin, and we often use relationship to distract us from uncomfortable truths about ourselves. But in the end, what makes the biggest impact on mental and emotional health is the ability to self reflect: To not place blame. To own our experiences. To express our needs and desires. To know our limits. To be with uncomfortable feelings. To admit when we are wrong. To listen to others.

All this can be done in the context of a relationship. In fact, I'd say these skills can ONLY be mastered in relationship. It is relationship that creates the atmosphere to practice these things.

I ponder this frequently but it seems particularly relevant now as we are opening up and relating more in our communities after a period of heightened aloneness. What is important to you about reconnecting in person?

What have you learned from being alone that you want to bring forward into life now?

Which relationships need nurturing?

Which relationships have benefited from more distance?

What are your close relationships asking you to develop in yourself? Which relationships truly nourish your soul? #coactivecoaching #relationships

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