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Self Help or Selfish?

As someone who was interested in self awareness, healing and expanding consciousness from a pretty young age, it’s become clear to me what a privilege being able to consider such things actually is. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on therapy, yoga retreats, meditation retreats, healing retreats, astrology classes, and spiritual healing! I was not rich but I was single, had some disposable income, and live in an area where I have an abundance of access to these tools.

I often think about how I can use this privilege for something greater than myself. It has occurred to be that getting to know myself, healing past trauma, becoming aware of habitual response patterns allows me the opportunity to pour more love into all my relationships. It allows me to be a better member of my community. The more I know myself, the more I have to give.

We often think of self care as a luxury. Our culture doesn’t value inner work. We are constantly bombarded with messages about productivity and action. Understanding our desires and motivations is often seen as selfish. However, maybe there is a time when we have to be “selfish.” A time where we need to sort out what beliefs we have that don’t really serve us. What if we put more focus on who we are being rather than what we are doing? When we fertilize our own garden and water our own flowers, doesn’t it brighten up our whole neighborhood? When our own sun shines bright others around us feel it’s warmth. What I have seen in myself and in clients is that as we focus on knowing ourselves, we become much more available for others. Knowing our own hearts and minds is a doorway to serve our world. When we make time to heal and aknowlege past hurts and injustice, we are more compassionate with the people in our lives. When we become a better friend to ourselves, honor our strengths and weaknesses, we are able to see clearly where we may be most impactful in our larger communities. When we have a clear sense of our values, action flows naturally from our highest ideals and boundaries are clear. We know when to say yes and when to say no. Our actions hit the target. Energy is not frittered away like an arrow shot from a bow with no tension.

Yet still, having the time and money to be able to engage in any self inquiry process remains a barrier for so many. I am very proud to be able to offer some “pay what you can” coaching sessions. It is my offering to give thanks for my many privileges. If you have been considering engaging in a process of inner work- whether it’s coaching, or energy healing, or therapy, I encourage you to do it. The world needs more people to shine! ⭐️

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