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What do you truly long for?

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

This is my favorite question to ask as a coach! It often stops people in their tracks and forces them to dig deep. It basically asks, “what do you want?” but the word “longing“ is powerful. It speaks directly to the soul. I imagine a vastness when I hear it. A field of possibility. I feel a pull in the area of my heart. What happens for you?

As a body worker, something I really appreciate about coaching is it’s ability to involve the whole person in the dreaming and organizing of his/her life. We have conversations that sink deeper than the intellect. We speak to the body, the heart and the soul. There is so much available when we are able to use all aspects of the self as a resource. We glean information from the sensations in our body. We learn the language of our soul. We feel the rhythm of our heart.

You can use the question “What do I truly long for?” as a starting point with any challenge in your life. Ask yourself. Then listen closely to the response of your whole being. Imagine the question being dropped into your soul like a pebble into deep water. See what comes to the surface. Enjoy. #coactivecoaching

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